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We Are Tired of Being Fat

My wife and I have decided that we are tired of being fat and that we must actively make changes within our eating lifestyle to better improve our quality of life, both for ourselves and for our precious granddaughter.

To that end, we have decided to adopt the Keto Diet lifestyle as proposed by Dr. Don Colbert, a Spirit-filled physician and nutritionist who is quite popular in Charismatic circles.  This morning his book, Dr. Colbert's Keto Zone Diet, came in the mail and Mitzi will be reading it to familiarize herself with our new eating plan.

As the chief cook and bottle washer, I have downloaded some extra material on the Keto Diet onto my iPad, including some cookbooks.

Tonight, for supper, we will have a two-egg omelet with onions and cheese along with an oven-baked pork chop.

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